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On churches ignoring common sense health rules and being super-spreaders

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I read the recent Supreme Court opinion about the state of California not being able to ban church services in Covid-19 hotspots.

The Supreme Court blocks COVID restrictions on religious liberty grounds without explaining why. (slate.com)


Even under Gorsuch’s ultrastrict standard, however, Santa Clara County’s worship regulations should be constitutional. Unlike California, Santa Clara County did not place churches in their own distinct category when setting COVID rules. It also went out of its way to apply its regulations equally to religious and secular activities. No longer could churches be compared to Nevada casinos or New York bike shops that were subject to lesser regulation. The county decisively barred public “gatherings” across the board, no matter where they took place. Churches could open their doors to individuals wishing to pray or “seek spiritual guidance,” just as bookstores could open their doors to readers wishing to buy a book or discuss new releases with an employee. But churches could not allow group worship services, just as bookstores could not allow book readings. Religious and secular activities were now being treated exactly the same. But the majority declined to address the new regulations, sweeping them away under the same (still unknowable) theory of South Bay. These cases are the same, they asserted. Move along.

Without quibbling about whether the Supreme Court was right or not, I have wondered this. Why does any church, particularly the ones that push being pro-life, have services that ignore the scientific government guidelines, expose worshippers to becoming infected, and potentially go to the hospital or die? Do they start to lose money if they don't have people who show up in person as opposed to worshipping from their homes over a virtual connection? 

Here is someone on Twitter who comments and includes photos of a local church, Stonewater in Granbury,  that, at least for some attendees, jams them in like sardines. How thoughtless and selfish. Link





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