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  2. I haven't been to restaurants for quite a while and instead of been home cooking. The Covid rules have been up and down and inconsistent and it's not clear to me exactly what the situation is with local restaurants. I suppose that take out meals is the norm as opposed to sitting in an enclosed area, but just wondering. Would like to hear from people who have been dining out or getting take out in Glen Rose or Granbury, sort of a roll call of what is open and what to expect and, now that Greg Abbott has said businesses are 100 percent open, which ones those would be and whether, since it, even
  3. from Texas Legislature Joint Hearing Feb 25 2021 Part 1 (clipped, around 51 minutes in) -You can listen to the entire testimony by going to the link at left. Testimony from Vistra Corp CEO Curt Morgan
  4. Saw this in the news from the CPAC conference, which seems to be a political cult movement to bow down to Trump. This pic cracked me up because CPAC is full of kook *christians*. You know, when people want to worship humans and don't care what it looks like.
  5. USAToday These Trump terrorists clearly did not care whether their actions were godly or not.
  6. I read the recent Supreme Court opinion about the state of California not being able to ban church services in Covid-19 hotspots. The Supreme Court blocks COVID restrictions on religious liberty grounds without explaining why. (slate.com) Without quibbling about whether the Supreme Court was right or not, I have wondered this. Why does any church, particularly the ones that push being pro-life, have services that ignore the scientific government guidelines, expose worshippers to becoming infected, and potentially go to the hospital or die? Do they start to lose money if they don't
  7. Hah. Seems like anyone can start a church for any reason and spout bullchit. Right Wing Watch
  8. Sometimes I read these nutty things and wonder who in the world believes this, but perhaps it's the credulous people who blindly follow some guy who says he's a prophet 😀 Right Wing Watch SOOOO dumb, but who knows, maybe this is causing his followers to open their wallets and give him moolah
  9. Current City Council Member Chip Joslin is running for re-election and I recently had a run in with him where he called me names and blocked me on Facebook for something relatively minor in my viewpoint. I don't really know him but this made me wonder about him being on the City Council when he is an apparent hot head and if people know this or just the people around him. So I had heard about when he was fired from the City of Glen Rose and I couldn't find the data I was looking for from published reports, because we don't really have a local newspaper here that will dive into the details, so
  10. Trump, of course, was ill prepared for the job and had a string of bankruptcies behind him. Glad he's gone and we have someone we can pay attention to as we wish but who isn't bleating out crazy stuff from Twitter at all times of the day or, despite saying he would have no time to golf, was so frequently going golfing at his own businesses, on the taxpayer's dime. I also am sure that any other president, including Biden, would not be whipping up anti-American sentiments and encouraging violent insurrections against elected officials, or repeating baseless lies about stolen elections .
  11. Link to Glen Rose Medical Center website announcement. The whole COVID rollout has been so disorganized prior to the election and it hasn't been clear just how anyone would get a vaccine. Somervell County wasn't doing them, and I had heard that the county judge Danny Chambers was telling people to call up Fort Worth to get on their list. Certainly it seemed that some entities in the Texas DHHS list were ill -informed but also not scheduling and arranging shots. Was informed by my hub that, on Facebook, Glen Rose Medical Center had put out a notice for the same day that 300 shots wo
  12. Originally posted Oct 17, 2020 We are still in the middle of a pandemic where there is as of yet no vaccine. Reports are that the level of Covid_19 is going to rise over the winter. I have looked regularly at the Glen Rose Medical Center website for updates on what's going on here locally, even when the website gives an error that it is unsafe, such as the message I got today. Here is the press release from Dr Vacek from October 16, 2020 (yesterday). In it, Dr Steven Vacek expresses some frustration but here's the kicker. He is the Somervell County Public Health Authority b
  13. Why Did George Darrell Best, Ron Hankins and Andy Lucas Do This? Theory of what they may have thought would happen This next part is my personal theory about what the heck happened. When you decide to sue someone, you have to weigh the possible outcomes. When Andy Lucas decided to take on Darrell Best’s petition, he may have thought *Paul will quit because he doesn’t want to spend, or doesn’t have, the money for an attorney *If Paul doesn’t quit but doesn’t hire an attorney, we’ll be smarter than him. *We will get him thrown at least temporarily off the board while ginning
  14. Andy Lucas, bizarrely, puts in an answer to the original Anti-Slapp motion. Darrell Best was told by Andy Lucas, when the Texas Supreme Court ruled against the State of Texas, that the next step was going to be coming back down to district court to determine fees and sanctions. NOT to try the entire case over again from scratch. Judge Weeks Rules for Judgment Against State of Texas and Darrell Best As part of the hearing in August 2019, Chip Harrison testified under oath that he had been threatened by Andy Lucas. https://salon.glenrose.net/default.asp? ... k&id=173
  15. State of Texas (Andy Lucas) Appeals Defeat to the Texas Supreme Court Paul Harper won 3 times, Andy Lucas lost 3 times. The judgement on the Anti‐Slapp Motion to Dismiss was against the State of Texas. For whatever reason, Lucas wanted to continue to press his case. One factor may have been that he was able to use taxpayer money to pay for not only his own filings but the outside advice he got from more presumably experienced attorneys. Lucas wasn’t quite ready to make it an official brief but requested 30 more days to presumably see if he could figure out some way to avoid taking resp
  16. Briefs were filed from both sides and on November 4, 2015, oral arguments were heard by the justices on the appeals court. Harper's brief Andy Lucas as the State of Texas brief Lucas, as the State of Texas, essentially argued that Removal Actions are exempt from the TCPA, that the TCPA was not intended to apply to a removal action, and that the State established a clear and specific case for removal. As have mentioned elsewhere, it was entirely discretionary for Andrew Lucas to take on Darrell Best’s petition. He could have ignored it as specious and frivolous and realized Best
  17. Lucas and Hankins attempted a TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) to keep Harper from attending meeting Andy Lucas, Somervell County attorney, operating as the State of Texas, attempted to prevent Harper from attending the a meeting with an Application for a Restraining Order. Ron Hankins, one of the other Somervell County Hospital District members, supplied an affidavit. The judge denied that application. On 3/11/2015 the judge signed the order denying Paul’s anti‐slapp motion to dismiss.Note that Paul could not have put in an appeal regarding the anti‐slapp dismissal until after the judge
  18. Judge dismissed Anti-SLAPP;Harper appeals the District judge had dismissed the anti-slapp motion. Lucas was supposed to have presented his evidence with clear and specific evidence; he did not. Harper and his attorneys filed a notice of accelerated appeal on March 29 2015 with the 10th Court of Appeals in Waco. Specifically What is a SLAPP Suit and an Anti-SLAPP action? From Wikipedia- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strategic ... ticipation See also A Primer on Anti-Slapp law https://slappedintexas.com/primer/
  19. First Removal Hearing - Oct 20 2014 Darrell Best Testimony Darrell Best’s testimony Q. And what were the allegations you made in that petition? A. Well, there was two allegations to start with. The first allegation had to do with the proposal to set the tax rate at zero, and the second had to do with the 501a, what they call slush fund, and accusing the CFO and CEO of performing criminal acts relative to the 501a. Q. And subsequent to filing that petition, you made some open records requests and you discovered some communications between board members that gave you concern that walki
  20. Can a citizen remove an elected official without the State being involved? Nope About a month after the original petition had been filed, Andy Lucas officially took on the petition to remove Harper, with styling "State of Texas ex rel George Darrell Best v Paul Harper". This means that for all purposes, the lawsuit was now being driven by Andy Lucas, who acted/acts as a representative of the State of Texas. Again, this is because George Darrell Best had no ability to pursue the case he brought because he could NOT do so. Anyone can put in a petition to remove someone. Freedom to peti
  21. One sleepy, hot day in August 2014, a friend of mine called me to ask why Darrell Best was suing my husband. Both my friend and I had known Darrell Best for years. My friend is one that conscientiously reads public filings included in a monthly newsletter and saw this before Paul had even been served. I couldn't imagine for what reason a suit was filed. Paul was a public figure because he had been elected to serve on the Somervell County Hospital District board as of May 2014. I knew there were some that were not happy with his having been elected, due to his views regarding bringing in a 3rd
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