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The details and data from when John 'Chip' Joslin was fired from the City of Glen Rose

Paul Harper


Current City Council Member Chip Joslin is running for re-election and I recently had a run in with him where he called me names and blocked me on Facebook for something relatively minor in my viewpoint. I don't really know him but this made me wonder about him being on the City Council when he is an apparent hot head and if people know this or just the people around him. So I had heard about when he was fired from the City of Glen Rose and I couldn't find the data I was looking for from published reports, because we don't really have a local newspaper here that will dive into the details, so decided to gather my own data and publish whatever I found about the incident so here it is....


Former City of Glen Rose employee John 'Chip' Merrill Joslin was fired back in 2020 after a weekend chili cook off when people claimed he was making out and cooking chili all weekend instead of working. He claimed on his timecard that he was working but the letters from the people there tell a different tale. I did a Public Information Request  to get all the documents concerning his employment, termination, unemployment claims, and found a voice message accusing John 'Chip' Joslin of domestic violence and verbal abuse.

employed from 6/25/2019-2/13/2020

6/3/2019 - resume.pdf Actor and Producer John 'Chip' Joslin submits hit resume to the City of Glen Rose claiming 10 years of General Manager experience from 1987 to 1997.

6/25/2019 - offer of employment.pdf City of Glen Rose offer of employment to John 'Chip' Joslin

6/25/2019 - 06-25-2019 status change_Redacted.pdf status change: new hire as Director of Oakdale Park, salary $55,000

6/25/2019 - personnel policy acknowledgement.pdf Memo signed off on by John 'Chip' Joslin that includes the statement "I understand and agree that my employment with the City of Glen Rose is at-will, that is, both the City of Glen Rose and I are free to terminate my employment at any time, with or without cause or advance notice"

9/24/2019 - annual review.pdf Employee Performance Evaluation of John 'Chip' Joslin where "work ethic" and "courtesy" received the lowest scores

10/2/2019 - 10-02-2019 status change.pdf status change: salary change, annual evaluation, raise of 2.5% to $57,168

10/28/2019 - annual review response.pdf Response by John 'Chip' Joslin to annual review

11/25/2019 - joslins grievance.pdf Grievance letter filed with City of Glen Rose by John 'Chip' Joslin including complaints of not being trained.

11/27/2019 - email 2.pdf Richard Vaughn email regarding John 'Chip' Joslin complaint

11/27/2019 - email.pdf John 'Chip' Joslin complaints to City Administrator Michael Leamons and the response to John 'Chip' Joslin complaints

12/9/2019 - grievance response.pdf City Administrator Michael Leamons response to John 'Chip' Joslin grievance dated 11/25/2019.

2/12/2020 - notice of suspension.pdf Handwritten 'Notice of Suspension' dated 2/12/2020 by Michael Leamons City Administrator notifying John 'Chip' Joslin that he is being suspended "pending an investigation due to allegations of inappropriate conduct at the chili cook off".

2/13/2020 - 2-13-2020 status change.pdf status change: dismissed, not eligible for rehire

2/13/2020 - investigation of termination.pdf This is the investigation by the City Administrator, the one investigation pdf includes the following:

  1. City Administrator Michael Leamons "Investigation of and action concerning allegations against Oakdale Park Director Chip Joslin".
  2. An email from John 'Chip' Joslin dated 2/10/2020 saying he was working all weekend and was going to take Tuesday off.
  3. A handwritten complaint from Erma Sanderson dated 2/13/2020 about Chip Joslin's behavior "unprofessional, loud, and very inappropriate".
  4. A letter from the Office Manager of Oakdale Park Rhonda Hawthorne dated 2/11/2020 complaining about Chip Joslin's behavior being "obnoxious".
  5. A letter from the Customer Service representative for Oakdale Park Sheila Ambroz complaint about Chip Joslin's behavior "with his tongue down some girls throat".
  6. A letter from Bryttni Hinrichs in Housekeeping dated 2/11/2020 complaining about Chip Joslin's "inappropriate" behavior.
  7. A letter dated 2/11/2020 complaining about the behavior of Chip Joslin "the guy was up front groping a female with him" and "intoxicated".
  8. A letter from Kristen Gibson dated 2/11/2020 complaining about Chip Joslin being "obnoxious" and didn't help elderly citizens who were breaking down tables.
  9. A handwritten letter from Stephanie Ritchie, City Secretary, about being approached by employees regarding extra hours they aren't supposed to be working but Chip Joslin said they had to. Also that Chip Joslin advertised he was working all weekend (see item 2 from this list) when she had seen him cooking chili with his girlfriend.
  10. A letter from Host for Oakdale Park, David Gordon dated 2/12/2020 stating Chip Joslin told him he was there to compete in the chili cook off both days.
  11. Photo of John 'Chip' Joslin in a tent during the chili cook off
  12. Copy of time card where John 'Chip' Joslin declared that he worked 9.5 hours on Saturday 2/8/2020 and 8 hours on Sunday 2/9/2020.

2/14/2020 - appeal of termination.pdf John 'Chip' Joslin email notifying City of Glen Rose of "appeal of termination"

2/21/2020 - twcresponse.pdf Notice of Application for Unemployment Benefits where John 'Chip' Joslin claims to the Texas Workforce Commission "I was salary and they lied about my having a coup[le of extra hours on my time sheet. I had worked over 60 for the week. They also lied about me kissing a girl while working."

3/2/2020 - unemployment determination.pdf Letter from the Texas Workforce Commission to the City of Glen Rose stating that "the claim is not valid because the individual did not earn enough wages to qualify for benefits'.".

08/21/2020 -vm-20200821012614059934-f8188b76be8f548b85228a0eaa05aaac.wav Based on the name of this audio file is how the date was extracted. An unnamed female left a voice message for the City of Glen Rose regarding Chip Joslin and accusing him of "domestic abuse", "hot tempered", and of being "verbally and physically abusive".  I have not yet confirmed any complaints with the City or County regarding these allegations but open records requests will be filed in the coming days since we just received this voice message via the Public Information Act the other day. If someone can identify the female or if she would like to self identify please contact the author.


Now based on all the data that has been presented here, I am wondering why would anyone vote for this guy? Sure he has a passion but that's not necessarily a good thing if you believe the people he interacted with everyday and the voice message. If you believe what was presented not only did he lie about his time sheet, and to the employees about them having to work, but he also lied to the Texas Workforce Commission on his unemployment claim...either that or all the city people who wrote letters are lying, which side do you believe? Is this the kind of guy that people in the City of Glen Rose wants to be associated with and have representing them?






Edited by Paul Harper


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