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  1. I live on a rural county road with a long driveway. I do not want packages that don't fit in our large mailbox to be left along the road, along the driveway or anywhere, basically, but the front porch. Most of the time the delivery services do this, which is most appreciated. If they don't, I like to know the delivery service so I can call them and request that the packages be left at the door. I assume that maybe the person delivering is new, or a fill-in contractor, etc. I've had the same wonderful regular postperson for years, who I adore, and I always know it is not her who has done this. She recently told me that sometimes packages are left by the road, not by USPS, but by other services, such as FedX, but that they look like they're from the post office. About a week after she told me this, I found a package of live plants that were left by the road in the hot sun .The package was marked with "Live Perishable Plants.. Please Open Immediately" (One time some years back I ordered some red worms and they were left in the hot sun in August in the metal mailbox for a day, killing all the worms, so I really do care about this). As you might imagine, I wanted to know WHICH DELIVERY SERVICE did this? On the package itself, there was a USPS tracking #. My logical assumption was that it was a USPS (ie, Post office) delivery), so figured that my regular mail woman had not done this, but a fill in. I called in to the local postoffice and was told by the manager there that this was actually a FedX delivery. I had seen nothing on the package that showed FedX but there WAS an "S", as well as SmartPost on the label, which did not indicate in any way the shipper was not USPS The tracking information from the company I ordered the plants from showed that, despite having a USPS tracking number, the package went out by FedX Smart post. It appears to me that FedX uses the postoffice sometimes to deliver packages, and that must be why there is a USPS # on it in the first place EVEN THOUGH IT WAS PICKED UP BY FEDX. In fact, the tracking information said explicitly that it was NOT going to be delivered by USPS but you would not know this from the package. Also seems logical that at some point during the shipping, FedX hands off packages to USPS IF they choose to have USPS deliver, but there, again, is nothing to give a clue about this on the box. I do not want to ask USPS to please deliver the right way when it's actually FedX shipping through SmartPost. What I did was contact the company I ordered the live plant from, they had no other way to economically ship, so I will not be ordering through them again.
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