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Found 14 results

  1. If I wanted to watch an hour of sexual assaulter Trump lying, I'd tune in to his little lie fests he has with his followers who are happy to send this supposed rich guy money. And I don't. Who knows what CNN was thinking except they clearly want to bring in a larger audience comprised of the dregs of humanity. No thanks.
  2. No, not the one, Jane Doe v Donald J Trump and Jeffrey Epstein from 2016 (US District Court Southern District of New York) PDF Trump was originally supposed to go testify in the E Jean Carroll civil case, but decided to go fly away to Scotland instead of going to court. Guess he figures he's going to lose anyway so why not go golfing. What's hilarious is that he was asked by an Irish reporter why he went golfing instead of attending his own rape case, including "But does it not show disrespect to the court" . Trump walked away without answering that. Hah. Trump said today, May 4 that he will "probably" attend an ongoing civil traial in New York.. oops, except this attorney told the judge he will NOT be attending. Update Monday 5/8/2023- the Judge gave Trump an extra chance to show up, to let the court know before 5:00 Sunday evening. Trump rejected that but what do you want to bet he tells his cult followers that the judge was against him or he didn[t have a chance to testify, all while being on the beg for money. Side note that Trump is still trying to influence people. Pig.
  3. PBS Trump has been indicated on felony charges for the one in New York re: hiding payments about Stormy Daniels. The NY Attorney General has a civil lawsuit against Trump re: lying about assets-Trump went in this last week to do a second deposition on that. DOJ has a special counsel to look into the classified documents he took to MarALago as well as efforts to interfere with the 2000 election. and finally Trump's efforts in Georgia to overturn the election (The Fulton County DA has until May 1 to respond to a court filling by Trump seeking to stop her from prosecuting him.)
  4. USAToday Do you know these people? From FBI-Capitol Violence - Help turn those traitors in! Here is a list of the defendants who have been charged in DC
  5. https://www.politico.com/states/new-jersey/story/2021/07/07/trump-golf-course-will-pay-new-jersey-400k-to-settle-charges-related-to-2015-drunk-driving-crash-1388099Politics.com
  6. From April 14, 2001 LOOK at this video and you will understand why. This starts at the point where the mob is trying to break down the door and smashing glass. Emptywheel has a breakdown
  7. Oh, yeah? Trump is on the side of Nazis, ie, someone to be avoided and shunned. Guardian I'm a patriotic American so, unlike Trump, I think Hitler was scum
  8. You cannot see how much I am laughing over this ridiculous lawsuit that Trump will lose. But I actually don't think that's the point of him lodging it, it is so that he can get some more of the *marks* who will give him money that he can launder for his own purposes. And yup, his org is working overtime to get his suckers to give him money. A fool and his money.. oh, how does that go? Because, you know, Grifter Needs Your Dough PDF of the lawsuits which was filed in federal court in Florida Facebook trumpfacebooklaswuit.pdf Twitter gov.uscourts.flsd.595801.1.0.pdf Youtube gov.uscourts.flsd.595803.1.0.pdf Problem #1. Facebook, Google and Twitter are not "state actors". They are not the government. They, just like this website here, can ban people or remove content they find objectionable. Adding, I also am not a state actor or the government. Also Justice Kavenaugh, who is ON THE SUPREME COURT Problem #2 Social media companies like Facebook, etc have First Amendment rights. Remember recently when that goober who is Governor of Florida tried to pass a law that would penalize social media companies? Yeah, you do. A Federal judge put an injunction against it. 3. Trump filed this lawsuit in Florida. The TOS (terms of service) for Facebook require that "any claim, cause of action, or dispute you have against us" has to be filed in federal court in northern California or San Mateo County state court. Ooops. What's also laughable is that Facebook banned him for two years because of his actions around January 6th insurrection. I'm sure Facebook's pending review will just love that he tried to sue them on a nonsense lawsuit. 4. Because people are FORCED TO BE ON FACEBOOK! hahah. Side note that I have not been on Facebook for probably over 2 years and do not miss it at all. Why? Because there are OTHER (gasp) social media platforms and applications that one can be on to communicate with people. As a side note, if you use a computer or a smart phone, you have no doubt had to agree to the terms of service that those companies required you to click through. Otherwise, gee, you are free NOT TO USE THEIR PRODUCT. Maybe Trump should have started, before filing this lawsuit with his own Terms of Service at Mar-A-Lago 5.Actually can see the Whine flowing down in this lawsuit where Poor Poor Victim wants to be on Facebook but Facebook doesn[t want his crazy. Guess what, a lot of people don't want to associate with immoral, corrupt, law-breaking Nazis who encourage other lawbreakers to storm the US Capitol. Most people are more decent than that delusional crook Could this be because Trump is having problems finding competent lawyers?
  9. Since when? Is that the way the cops and prosecutors work now? Instead of the grand jury recommending that charges be brought, which says that they believe there is enough evidence to bring something to trial, instead, the prosecutor calls in the crook to see if the crook can persuade them not to file charges? When I sat on a grand jury, which was one time, we listened carefully to the evidence and then did a yes or no; the crooks were not brought into the room to try to sway our opinions, but we knew that any *yes* would have a jury or a judge listening to the evidence and making a decision. But THIS??????? Oh, come on in, Trump and talk us out of filing charges, let's just do this out of view and hope that it will all disappear. Washington Post - Trump Organization attorneys given Monday deadline to persuade prosecutors not to file charges against it
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