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Found 3 results

  1. Salon One of the best articles I have read about this phenomenon, where there is a woman who is staunchly *pro-life*, whatever that means, and yet not only goes to get an abortion, but whines when all of a sudden there are rules that apply to HER is "The Only Moral Abortion is My Abortion". That is to say, some woman will get an abortion and STILL want to deny the same thing to others.
  2. If it is based on someone's particular religious beliefs, guess what. The United States is not based on a particular religion being a state religion that everyone must agree with and follow. That includes christianity. If a particular religion believes that women must be submissive to men, that does not mean all women everywhere have to respect that belief and follow it. What is absolutely reprehensible is that most Republicans in these states that are banning abortion consider the fetus to be more important than the women who is pregnant. If they don't believe that, then where is their very vocal outcry denouncing the kooks that believe that? People who believe that must have a real problem with god, since he allows women to miscarry all the time. (And spare us all the bullchit about how this is for god's own purposes, that is a pat on the head to make the no longer pregnant women have a reason not to blame god.) Where is all the laying in the middle of the street crying out to god to say WHY ARE YOU KILLING THAT FETUS? Heck, the Bible even has instructions on how to perform abortions on women. Numbers 5:19-22 god certainly is not pro-life. He calls people blessed who "seizes infants and dashes them against the rocks". (Also touts rape ) Hosea 13:16 shows god has zip problem with ripping open pregnant women and dashing infants to pieces. If murder and abortion are wrong, it's a contradiction to say god is against it when in the bible, he condones it and goes farther, with telling parents they will eat their own children if they disobey. Yuck. Now, let[s just way that you believe the Bible, full as it with fairy tales, contradictions, mythology and plenty of references of a bloodthirsty god. That still does not give you the right to use the bible as the standard for all American citizens, any more than we use the Koran; the constitution is godless. More than that, it does a disservice to any christian who believes that normal people look up to them when they condone rape and make no exceptions for rape in the abortion law. Or incest; surely there is no one that thinks a young girl who got pregnant due to incest should be forced to carry a baby. Course God didn't have too much trouble with incest when it came to Lott's daughters (and how disgusting was it that Lott was willing to send his daughters outside to be raped, maybe that's why they raped Lott after getting him drunk) but should that episode in the Bible REALLY be the standard for happy lives NOW? That's Republicans who passed this offensive law for you. Not only cannot mind their own business when it comes to actions that are legal (and leave private medical discussions between the woman and her doctor), but have no problem with women being forced to raise their rapist's children without any choice, or raise, say, a child from a member of their own family through sexual abuse. Have to say, when I hear of any those people attempting to justify this, it makes me turn away in disgust. I think I have more ethics than the Republican party or anyone who wants to pretend rape and incest are acceptable, from ANYONE. Some examples> Even Republicans find it hard to stand for a 10 year old girl being raped and having trouble getting an abortion, but want to hide the evidence. More from Newsweek
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