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Found 2 results

  1. PDF Washington Post This last part has to be a reference to Granbury ISD in Hood County, Texas. ACLU complaint
  2. I had quite forgotten that the Republican kooks in Granbury are bigots. 7 years ago Hood County bigots tried to get LGBTQ books removed from the public library; they were stopped because there were more sensible Americans fighting this. This last couple of years Texas Legislaor Matt Krause took up the Bigot torch. From 2021 These intrusive christians should be told to MYOB instead of doing the UnAmerican activity of banning books. And, as Christopher Tackett, quoted in the following article notes, it was because of a small group of activities "whose aim was to introduce more religion in schools". Let's call it Christian Nationalism, such as the type Stonewater Church practices. But some students at Granbury ISD fought back, including Lou Whiting. Independent UK Here was Jeremy Glenn, superintend of GISD, showing, as ACLU realized that the bans appeared to be about targeting a particular community. From a complaint ACLU sent to the US Dept of Education in 2022 In December 2022, the Federal Govt DID open an investigation into Granbury ISD Superintendent's Order to remove LGBTQ books from the school library
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