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  1. Why, it was only a couple of weeks ago that some Republicans were telling women to just move on and forget about that they were doing re: abortion bans. Yeah, forget that some states were STILL passing laws to limit abortion to 6 weeks, make women have multiple appointments over several days before they cold even get on, maybe forced to have a sonogram, or having to leave the state if, god forbid, they have to get an abortion for any reason AFTER 6 weeks. (At which point, incidentally, a lot of women, dare I say most, don't even know if they're pregnant yet. And what if there is a birth defect? The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) says tha screening tests are done, in the first trimester, between 11 and 13 weeks The screen that checks for downs syndrome isn't till between weeks 15 and 20. Give me a BREAK on the 6 weeks, it's effectively an abortion ban while pretending women have choices. Nope Because Republicans are trying to bamboozle women about what they're doing, since not allowing women to control their own healthcare and have decisions be between them and their doctor, their newest lie is to pretend a 12 week ban (oh, they don't call it a ban, but it is) is reasonable and just common sense. Nope, but you're a fool if you believe this. Read this about what North Carolina Republicans are doing. Read about the unnecessary sonograms, the baloney doctors are forced to say and show while telling lies. But this is the cake Republicans are LYING. Do not elect them any more at all if you think women should be in charge of their own heath care. Here's some videos to watch on Tik Tok AND the Abortion Every Day newsletter by Jessica Valenti
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