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  1. I wonder why someone runs for office if they don't believe THEY have responsibility for gun violence in their own district. Self seems to want to act like it's other places that have these problems, while his district has God looking over it and therefore is somehow immune. Well, it's not, is it. And god didn't protect his constituents, but instead allowed a child of 5 years old to die, among other murder victims. Prayer did not save those people, but again, where is HIS responsibility as an elected official to act instead of trying to pass the buck. That interview included him trying to shift people's focus to "trashing stores" in Chicago. But this shooting happened in his district, it was not trashing the stores in Allen but someone MURDERING people in Allen. And if god is *absolutely* in control of our lives, then Self is saying that god is responsible for gun violence Does it even matter whether gun shootings are *usual* in one area versus another? Aren't they ALL bad, or does he think he shutting his eyes while pretending somehow is a walled area where nothing bad happens because some of the people who live there pray (I would bet there are others than christians that live there, maybe he just doesn't want to represent others, too) Do not forget another major Texas mass killing with someone FROM ALLEN took place in 2000. Does Self not remember this? That guy, Patrick Crusius drove all the way from Allen to El Paso to shoot people. As of Feb 8 2003, he has now pled guilty to all federal charges for one of the deadliest attacks on Latinos in modern US history. Maybe Self, given his stance on immigration, thinks people who live in El Paso are part of a *Hispanic invasion*. Also not enough to praise law enforcement with a version of Greg Abbott's It_Could_Have_Been_Worse mantra. That expression isn't just tone deaf but one of the most disrespectful things once could say about victims. Maybe just praise law enforcement and shut up with the "Could have been worse" crap. I notice he is also trying to deflect by talking about how much mental heath care has decreased in Texas. Gee, who was in charge during the last umpteen years in the Texas Lege? It was Republicans. So, thank you, Mr Self, another good reason not to vote for Republicans. Side note that the Biden administration last October, so less than a year ago, announced more than $300m in mental health funding. Also interesting to note that when the US House had a chance to vote on mental health funding, it passed but 20 Republicans voted against it. That included Van Taylor, who was then House Rep for Allen. How did Self get put in office? Because he was running against, among other, Van "Trust Fund Baby" Taylor, who had an affair with somebody during the year before the election and was caught. (Funny how often the media ignores that Van Taylor is an Exxon heir) Self was 2nd choice. What does Self believe in? Here's a crazy inconsistency Oh, so he's all for doctors having autonomy in doing their job and prescribing treatments as long as ideologically, he likes those treatments. OR, as long as those doctors are not trying to prescribe proven treatments for abortion, which he is against. Have to wonder if he was one of the people during the Obama administration that was shouting about death panels having control of people's healthcare, but is fine with the idea now as long as it involves women, who are now relegated to second class citizens. I believe this man belongs in the Republican Kooks hall of fame due to his stances on bathrooms , *overt pornography* in schoolbooks (hah) and funding of higher education. Guess he likes his constituents dumb and unquestioning. I have never myself EVER seen *overt* pornography in schoolbooks, although I've seen some whopper errors about slavery, but I have seen *overt* pornography in the Bible. Like Ezekiel 23:19-21 or where Lott offered up his virgin daughters to be raped, and after they escaped, the daughters got Lott drunk and had sex with him. I guess my moral standards are better than Mr Self's, as I sure do not condone that type of behavior nor would I want my young impressionable school children to be reading about that in a school textbook. Really, I believe he is confused about the schoolbook pornography and, hah, that would be up to the Texas BOE, which approves content in school books. What does Mr Self have against the Texas Board of Education? He also does not understand corporate free speech versus the 1st amendment. Was all hot and bothered about Twitter banning nutjob President's Trumps tweets. Maybe it was because he described rioters on Jan 6 as *special*. Ugh. And, of course he's a member of the NRA, so it's not surprising he would try to avoid guns being an issue, point to other cities or attack people for pointing out that prayer to a god that is *in control* and yet allows people to be murdered is nonsense. Self has said he will fight all efforts by the left to establish stronger gun control laws. By framing this is as a left-right issue when it should actually be a gun control issue without any politics, he is showing what a gun-apologist he is and that, for him "pro-life* is meaningless For us, our family has guns. It is my RIGHT to have guns, but I also believe strongly in gun control. I do not want to go to a mall to go shopping for Mother's Day, of all holidays, and wonder if there is someone in the crowd that is going to try to murder people and I will have to be sure to wear tennis shoes so I can sprint to a safe corner. If we say that the people who do this are mentally ill, what's the solution there? Go monitor every single American citizen and have them put on a watch list? Who would do this? The cops? Allegiance to the NRA should not take precedence over gun control laws. And, back to responsiblity. Keith, as an elected official, has the power to enact gun control laws in order to protect the innocent lives of citizens in Allen, Texas (as well as other places in the United States) but he CHOOSES not to. I like to think that there is a vast swath of people in Collin County that do not agree with this right-wing nut and value human life over a gun.
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