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  1. and not have to answer questions, even to a policeman about whether they are coming from or going. IT IS ONLY THE WOMAN's BUSINESS. Why does this even come up, and with all the FREEDOM, FREEDOM (including people who say they have freedom not to infect other people through Covid), every single United States citizen should be shouting that women are free to travel. But some Republicans do not think so. Republicans block bill to protect women who travel to other states for abortions. Republicans want to say that anyone who objects to women being able to travel out of state is radical. I'm sure if some of these people lived around the time when slavery was legal and some slaves travelled to *free* states would have thought that was radical too. And how the heck would this even be enforced? Have traffic stops at state lines where every women would be questioned about where they were going and coming from and what purpose for going into another UNITED STATES state? Sheesh. It's interesting to note that apparently there was a chance when covid was rampant that President Biden might mandate vaccinations for interstate travel-the article, from Daily Wire, says that would have likely violated the Commerce Clause of the Constitution. Well, SO WOULD STOPPING WOMEN. Are Republicans really wanted to put out a standard that definitely sets women as less deserving of citizenship than men? Not all Republicans, apparently just the House Republican Representatives, because there are Republican Senators who know this would be unconstitutional My view is that it should not depend upon companies to cover travel expenses to get to a state where women are treated as equal citizens of the United States. In fact, criminal kooks like Texas Republican Legislators went to pass legislation that And this is already happening. My guess is that Texas no longer wants to be business friendly and is wanting to chase off qualified professional employees that will live elsewhere, especially women who believe their lives are in danger due to the radical legislation re: abortions. Back to my original premise. I saw the other day someone on a chat board mention that they had been stopped for speeding and the woman driving was asked where she was going (she was in a different state than she lived in). The question is, does this sort-of "SHOW US YOUR PAPERS" have to be done? Even if were a man being asked, is this a legitimate question given the context? ACLU Adding- The Republican party wants to pretend that they are not trying to prevent women from travelling freely to other states. HELLO_ TEXAS! Rolling Stone
  2. Decent people with ethics do not require that 10 year old girls must carry babies to term when impregnated by a rapist (or any other age of women for that matter). Anyone that does feel that way, ie, that rapists have more rights than a girl or woman, has something seriously wrong with them, and should be shunned, even if they pretend they are somehow righteous people. Have read in the past week or so about the 10 year old girl in Ohio who was raped by a man, and, because Ohio now has made abortions illegal, had to travel to Indiana to get an abortion done. Show me ONE decent moral person who believes that a 10 year old rape victim should be forced to carry a baby to term. The doctor who treated the rape victim and provided abortion services was harrassed by the Indiana AG, who went on trash network Fox *News* to defame her and question her license, even though abortion is LEGAL in Indiana, and the doctor had to send him a cease and desist letter. So far as I know this is the first time a right granted to US citizens has been taken away by a group of kook SCOTUS. What about women who have ectopic pregnancies?  AP Or Lupus? Also from that same article is the side effect where a woman has to be close to death herself to get an abortion. It is beyond ridiculous that the Republican nutjobs in power in some states do not have any type of, at least, exemptions for abortion. More than that, how ridiculous that so many people who could not bring themselves to get vaccinated or wear face masks to help prevent the spread of covid, all crying out the whole time about their rights to be jerks, do not apparently see the hypocrisy when it comes to what should be private medical decisions by women. P.S. Dan Patrick showing on this because, remember, he wanted the elderly to sacrifice their lives in favor of businesses staying open. So, PRO_DEATH.
  3. SBC.NET Seems that Southern Baptists were much more humane and loving in the past than the so-called *christian* monsters in the SBC now.
  4. WFMZ.Com This isn't even about abortion but the same procedure used to treat a miscarriage as an abortion. Republican kooks in Texas not only are pro-death but for some reason have no problem with scaring doctors into not doing procedures WHEN A FETUS DIES through miscarriage. Do not vote for these Republican monsters. Reminder that the same type of thing happened in Ireland that is why abortion is legalized there.
  5. Disgusting. Many women have pregnancy complications that could cause them to die and require an abortion. Mouth-breathers who glorify death by taking away an actual living woman's health are sick. And, hypocrites unless they go after the military next. Newsweek
  6. Business Insider No free speech for you if you support Facebook/Meta. I quit Facebook some 4-5 years ago, deleted all my data on there and have been extremely happy about that choice.
  7. I saw after SCOTUS decision re: Roe V Wade, the Greg Abbott crowed about Texas being a pro-life state. Not only does he not speak for EVERY citizen of Texas, he isn't actually pro-life nor is the person who has the real power in this state, Dan Patrick. Remember that Patrick was quite willing to tell people to sacrifice themselves for the economy. And Greg Abbott has shown he does not care about people's lives, including all the ones that died in the Texas freeze last year. Further, I've had quite enough of ANYONE calling themselves pro-life while allowing children to be treated like potential targets in schools. I have guns, but dang, I see nothing wrong with having restrictions on carrying them in public, having to have lessons in safety, making sure people can't just up and buy them without restriction at a gunshow, Schools have become militarized and, rather than putting restrictions on people carrying guns, some Republicans want to *harden* the schools which to me equates to making them more like prisons. I also personally don't like the idea of people carrying guns in holsters and hanging out at, say, public parades. And what about the military or capital punishment or even something as mundane as a hospital deciding who to allow to die by cutting off treatment? Heck, even god was not against abortion and certainly in the Bible killed his share of pregnant women.. Southern Baptists used to be, and some Jews are as well, believing that life begins with the breath of life. So why should women be seen as some type of incubator, forced to carry, say, a rapist's baby for 9 months, all for some hypocrites who want to push control of other people's lives. (Christian Nationalists such as the ones in cult churches such as Stonewater are the worst because they want to control everything and thus do not even believe in our system of govt)
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