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Sen Lindsey Graham of SC has been subpoenaed by Georgia grand jury-wants to get out of it


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Before I post this link, have to say that if YOU OR I got a subpoena, we would almost certainly have to comply. We could, I think, take the 5th amendment not to answer questions, but we would still have to be here. I was subpoenaed a few years back in a lawsuit against Glen Rose Medical Center by the Turks and had to pay for my own attorney. As I recall, I could set certain parameters, such as how long the deposition would be, and a mutually agreeable date, but that was IT. Since when does Congress get to act like some entitled jerks that get to pass laws that affect everybody else but they get to skate out of obeying the law. 




Kirschner suggested the reason why Graham is "so desperately concerned" about the possibility of having to testify under oath before the Georgia State grand jury is that he could incriminate himself, and therefore may be forced to invoke the Fifth Amendment to prevent it from happening.


"Why is Lindsey Graham so desperate not to be placed under oath by a Georgia state grand jury and have to testify about all that? Well, looks like we have to go back to the Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination," Kirschner said.

"Because it sure looks like [...] Lindsay went down to Georgia, he was looking for some votes to steal. He was in a bind because Trump was way behind and he was willing to make a deal."




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