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Scumball Cheater Crook Ken Paxton STILL has not had trial after indictment on felony security fraud changes -SEVEN YEARS LATER


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paxtoncrook.thumb.png.e733d83844aee35d6dab12621f74a398.pngI was actually surprised that Ken Paxton won the Republican primary in Texas but guess that shows how many Republicans are perfectly fine with a known crook being, of all things, the state's lawyer. 

Anyway, got to wondering what the fool was going on with this man, who cheated on his wife, and the indictment and why the heck this has NOT gone to trial yet.  I mean, if you or I had some felony indictment against us, doubt it would take seven years for it to get heard.

According to KHOU, "special prosecutors are waiting on Texas top criminal court to rule on an appeal to address payment issues and keep Paxton's case in Houston."


The indictments accuse Paxton of defrauding investors in a Dallas-area tech startup by not disclosing he was being paid by the company, called Servergy, to recruit them. The indictments were handed up just months after Paxton was sworn in as Texas’ top law enforcement officer.

How can anyone have confidence in a person who supposedly is upholding the law when there is a serious felony case still pending against him? 

And of course, that's not the only one. There is also the whistleblower case from people who worked in his AG office that is now at the Supreme Court of Texas. (Supreme Court wants a brief on the merits of the case, with deadline of the end of August 2022.  What's also interesting about this case is 




In the intervening years, Paxton has drawn new scrutiny after eight of his top deputies accused him in 2020 of allegedly abusing his office to help a wealthy donor, Nate Paul, resist an earlier FBI investigation of the developer.

Both federal probes continue, with investigators in recent months collecting Paul’s business records and asking how the developer might have been paying Paxton, according to people familiar with the matter who spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing.



And not only that. Ken Paxton was cheating on his wife, Angela Paxton, with a woman whom



he later recommended for a job with the wealthy donor now at the center of criminal allegations against him, according to two people who said Paxton told them about the relationship.

The two people, who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity due to fears about retaliation, said the high-profile Republican official acknowledged the affair in 2018 to senior members of his office and political staff.

They said he told them that he had ended the affair with the woman, who then worked for a GOP state senator.

Austin developer Nate Paul said in a deposition this week that Paxton recommended the woman for her job with Paul's real estate company, according to a transcript of his deposition obtained by the AP. The woman had stopped working as a Senate aide at the end of 2019, though her reason for departing wasn't immediately clear.


AND, Paxton is under review from the Texas bar, which has filed a professional misconduct lawsuit against Paxton for the stupid and clearly partisan stunt he tried to pull re: Trump's attempt to overthrow the election. (Not forgetting that the Texas Supreme Court had thrown out Paxton's lawsuit contesting the 2000 election results)  Texas Tribune



In its filing, the commission said Paxton had misrepresented that he had uncovered substantial evidence that "raises serious doubts as to the integrity of the election process in the defendant states."

"As a result of Respondent’s actions, Defendant States were required to expend time, money, and resources to respond to the misrepresentations and false statements contained in these pleadings and injunction requests even though they had previously certified their presidential electors based on the election results prior to the filing of Respondent’s pleadings," the lawsuit read.

The lawsuit also says Paxton made "dishonest" representations that an "outcome determinative" number of votes were tied to unregistered voters, votes were switched by a glitch with voting machines, state actors had unconstitutionally revised their election statutes and "illegal votes" had been cast to affect the outcome of the election.

The lawsuit says Paxton's allegations "were not supported by any charge, indictment, judicial finding, and/or credible or admissible evidence, and failed to disclose to the Court that some of his representations and allegations had already been adjudicated and/or dismissed in a court of law."


Republicans are just not good people, but more than that, makes me personally sick that there is a different standard, apparently for average citizens than people with power and influence. Again, rolled my eyes when I saw that Paxton won the Republican primary against George P Bush. Have to admit I laughed at at least one George P Bush commercial where he was driving a little cart along the Texas border saying he would keep our borders safe. Hah. Would he have done better NOT to follow along with these rabid Republican nuts? Really didn[t make any difference because the people who voted for Paxton WANT A CROOK. 


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