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First Felony Conviction for Jan 6 Insurrectionist Paul Hodgkins from Florida


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E6rDo5EXIAk6SoR.thumb.jpg.09223b4b7e73467894d81866945b5937.jpg8 months, Hodgkins pled guilty to obstructing an official proceeding.




District Judge Randolph Moss called literally waving the flag for Trump an unmistakable sign of loyalty to a single person rather than the country and democracy.

“Although Mr. Hodgkins was only one member of a larger mob, he actively and intentionally participated in an event that threatened not only the security of the Capitol but democracy itself,” Moss said. "That is chilling, for many reasons.".....

Moss said he grappled with sentencing Hodgkins for his personal behavior rather than the more violent or destructive rioters around him. But Moss also called the riot more than a First Amendment protest because it forced the evacuation of the House and Senate chambers under threats against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Vice President Mike Pence.

“He understood what he was doing," Moss said. "He was one of a small number of people who made their way to the Senate floor."


Incidentally, Hodgkins said at his trial today that "Biden is the rightful President". 

Hodgkins, unlike some others, did not assault anyone or do damage at the Capitol. 

More comments from the judge- Said Hodgkins entered the Capitol, you carried a large flag with "Trump 2020" in the Senate. Says Hodgkins actively participated in an event that threatened not only Capitol security but "democracy itself". ... When a mob storms the Capitol, democracy is in trouble. The damage that they caused goes way beyond the delayed certification, it will last for decades. .. It'll be harder to convince other countries to pursue democracy, it'll be harder to convince our children of the value of democracy, we are not more all fearful of the next attack than we ever were. Victims will carry trauma for the rest of their lives. .. Jan 6 attack left a stain that will not go away for years to come. Says Hodgkins came prepared to defend his position and engage with whatever needed to be done. Hodgkins had to see “the mayhem” outside the Capitol building. It was obvious that he was participating... Hodgkins, with his Trump flag on the floor of the U.S. Senate, was illustrating his loyalty to an individual rather than to democracy.

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