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Ken *Indicted Crook* Paxton's Whistleblowers went before Texas House Investigators today (5/24/2023)-Maybe if we're lucky, he will be impeached




Wrote about this before on April 15th

Here's the video from yesterday, the day before this hearing

Here's the video for today (May 24 2023 before the Committee on General Investigating

Here's an AP article showing what a crook this guy is.





The House investigators, a group of five attorneys with experience in public integrity law and white collar crime, said they reviewed hundreds of pages of documents, including emails, contracts and criminal complaints, and interviewed 15 people. All but one stated they had “grave concerns” regarding Paxton showing hostility or retaliation toward them for their participation.

Paxton signed a settlement with the whistleblowers in February for $3.3 million, but the deal is effectively dead because the Legislature has declined to fund it this session, which whistleblowers have said was a condition of the agreement. The session ends May 29. The whistleblowers' attorneys have asked the Texas Supreme Court to continue on with the suit.

Epley told committee members Wednesday that Paxton violated the state’s open records law to help Paul obtain information about the FBI’s investigation into him and a raid it had executed against his home and business office.


Transcript of the hearing




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