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Gee! Why do honest US citizens think that the Republican party is racist?




Probably because of ignorant, hateful stuff like what Kennedy of Louisiana said. One might believe it was the slip of the tongue but where is the Republican Party speaking up against this bigotry. USAToday



“Without the people of America, Mexico, figuratively speaking, would be eating cat food out of a can and living in a tent behind an Outback,” Kennedy said.

The Embassy of Mexico in the U.S. shared a two-page letter that Ambassador Esteban Moctezuma wrote to Kennedy, dated Thursday.

“As I was listening, my initial reaction was to answer you in the same low, uninformed, and arrogant tone as the one you used. But it is always better to use your brain instead of your guts, so I recalled the vibrant relationship that exists between Mexico and the United States,” the ambassador wrote.

“I thought of the 33 million American tourists who, last year, visited Mexico eager to learn about our culture; the 800 billion dollars of trade between our two countries came to mind; and of course, the delicious Mexican food that most Americans consume in thousands of crowded restaurants.”






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