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Supreme Court Alito is ignorant, whiny and delusional




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Alito wants everyone to look at the person who leaked about the Roe v Wade decision (which was full of baloney court decisions that showed his stupidity) not have freedom of speech to criticize the court as an illegitimate institution,all while taking AWAY a right of women and making them less than full citizens.



Yet, even if it was a liberal, the leaker may simply have wanted the country to know that this messed up thing was happening, regardless of whether they intended to set in motion some plot for a hit squad of other liberals to then kill the justices, who would undoubtedly be on higher security alert after the leak. (The man accused of planning to attack Kavanaugh was readily apprehended.) That theory, however, would require Alito to grapple with the substance of what his opinion actually did — strip away a popular right — rather than when people learned about it.

Similarly, the Republican judge isn’t satisfied to dictate reproductive rights for the nation; he also wants to set the terms of public debate on the matter. Responding to criticism of the court’s legitimacy, Alito told the Journal, “It’s one thing to say the court is wrong; it’s another thing to say it’s an illegitimate institution.” Challenging legitimacy, the justice proclaimed, is “really striking at something that’s essential to self-government."

So there we have it: We may hereby criticize Dobbs and other rulings as wrong, but to question the court’s legitimacy is to strike at the foundations of government itself. Of course, Alito didn't consider that both his court's rulings and the increasingly scrutinized ethics of the justices are at fault for the court’s plummeted standing among the people bound by retrograde rulings like Dobbs and other decisions on guns, voting rights and more.


Poor Poor Alito. Won[t people just bow down to him since he sits on the court and shut up with the criticism? I think every American is pretty tired of the shenanigans of SCOTUS who are mired in their own ethics swamp and do not want to fix it. Oh, and he doesn[t want SCOTUS to look political? Sure, Jan..




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