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The Republican Party is a disgusting, pro-death party- NO woman should ever vote for these control-freak losers




Decent people with ethics do not require that 10 year old girls must carry babies to term when impregnated by a rapist (or any other age of women for that matter). Anyone that does feel that way, ie, that rapists have more rights than a girl or woman, has something seriously wrong with them, and should be shunned, even if they pretend they are somehow righteous people.

Have read in the past week or so about the 10 year old girl in Ohio who was raped by a man, and, because Ohio now has made abortions illegal, had to travel to Indiana to get an abortion done. Show me ONE decent moral person who believes that a 10 year old rape victim should be forced to carry a baby to term. The doctor who treated the rape victim and provided abortion services was harrassed by the Indiana AG, who went on trash network Fox *News* to defame her and question her license, even though abortion is LEGAL in Indiana, and the doctor had to send him a cease and desist letter


In her letter to Rokita, Bernard’s attorney, Kathleen DeLaney, said, “Please cease and desist from making false and misleading statements about alleged misconduct by Dr. Bernard in her profession, which constitute defamation per se. Moreover, to the extent that any statement you make exceeds the general scope of your authority as Indiana’s Attorney General, such a statement forms the basis of an actionable defamation claim."

So far as I know this is the first time a right granted to US citizens has been taken away by a group of kook SCOTUS. 

What about women who have ectopic pregnancies?  AP Or Lupus? 



Becky Schwarz, of Tysons Corner, Virginia, found herself unexpectedly thrust into the abortion controversy even though she has no plans to become pregnant.

The 27-year-old has lupus, an autoimmune disease that can cause the body to attack tissue surrounding joints and organs, leading to inflammation and often debilitating symptoms. For Schwarz, these include bone and joint pain, and difficulty standing for long periods of time.

She recently received a notice from her doctor saying she’d have to stop taking a medication that relieves her symptoms — at least while the office reviewed its policies for methotrexate in light of the Supreme Court ruling. That’s because the drug can cause miscarriages and theoretically could be used in an attempt to induce an abortion.

“For me to have to be essentially babysat by some policy, rather than being trusted about how I handle my own body ... has made me angry,” she said.


Also from that same article is the side effect where a woman has to be close to death herself to get an abortion.



Munoz said he faced an awful predicament with a recent patient who had started to miscarry and developed a dangerous womb infection. The fetus still had signs of a heartbeat, so an immediate abortion — the usual standard of care — would have been illegal under Texas law.

“We physically watched her get sicker and sicker and sicker” until the fetal heartbeat stopped the next day, “and then we could intervene,” he said. The patient developed complications, required surgery, lost multiple liters of blood and had to be put on a breathing machine “all because we were essentially 24 hours behind.’’

In a study published this month in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, doctors at two Texas hospitals cited the cases of 28 women less than 23 weeks pregnant who were treated for dangerous pregnancies. The doctors noted that all of the women had recommended abortions delayed by nine days because fetal heart activity was detected. Of those, nearly 60% developed severe complications — nearly double the number of complications experienced by patients in other states who had immediate therapeutic abortions. Of eight live births among the Texas cases, seven died within hours. The eighth, born at 24 weeks, had severe complications including brain bleeding, a heart defect, lung disease and intestinal and liver problems.


It is beyond ridiculous that the Republican nutjobs in power in some states do not have any type of, at least, exemptions for abortion. More than that, how ridiculous that so many people who could not bring themselves to get vaccinated or wear face masks to help prevent the spread of covid, all crying out the whole time about their rights to be jerks, do not apparently see the hypocrisy when it comes to what should be private medical decisions by women. 

P.S. Dan Patrick showing on this because, remember, he wanted the elderly to sacrifice their lives in favor of businesses staying open. So, PRO_DEATH. 




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