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Deer in Yard thwarted by auto-sprinkler




Besides the fact it has been hotter than usual, some of the plants I have in the front yard have taken a real beating. The only reason I could imagine for it was that deer were coming along in the middle of the night and chewing down the plants, including the flowers. I had one pot with caladiums that seemed to be lunch for something, plus it was struggling a bit with the heat. I moved it under a tree in a shady part of the yard. About a week ago I went out to look and the leaves had been eaten off in the middle of the night. Since I knew that there should be a before leaves eaten and after, I looked at the yard video and found the deer. We had recently gotten a motion detector in the yard that sprays water if something comes across its path and it is kind of hilarious to see how quick the deer jumps away. Since using this motion detector have had no problems with deer eating the plants in the yard anymore. 




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