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Weird-Does Stonewater Church Actually Believe This? (Seven Mountains)




Pretty clear to me after watching the video that anyone who cosigns the beliefs below does not believe in the concept of the Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence, since they want their branch of christian sect to take over the world.  Gives some new meaning to evangelism, with added pressure to build more churches and pressure everybody to join.

Is the seven mountains mandate biblical?


These seven mountains are identified as the molders and shapers of society, impacting the way people think and behave. The mountains are sometimes referred to as "pillars," "shapers," "molders," and "spheres." The focus of Christians following this teaching is on "occupying" or even "invading" these mountains, thereby "transforming" society.

The 7-M movement grew out of dominion theology based in Genesis 1:28, but does not interpret that Scripture correctly. The 7-M movement teaches followers to pursue control over civil aspects of society as a part of a worldwide kingdom for Jesus. Some point to Isaiah 2:2 which mentions the establishment of the Lord's temple on the highest mountain. Some also believe the ushering of Jesus back to earth is dependent upon them establishing moral laws and punishments based on the Old Testament.

The 7-M movement grew as self-appointed prophets and apostles added their input based on dreams and visions and other revelations they claim to have received. The seven mountain mandate is now espoused by so-called prophets and apostles, some associated with the New Apostolic Reformation, who say they have special knowledge or revelation from God. They focus on control—both of society in general and of their followers by placing expectations of continual advancing upon the "mountains" making each more honoring to God. 

Ridiculously, one  of the proponents of Seven Mountains Dominionism linked his theory to QAnon.

Takes all kinds of kooks in the world and luckily, despite Stonewater's weird obsession to run everything, if they haven't already changed course from this bizarre concept, we still live in the United States with a constitution that is in charge.  Looks like this cult is all about power, amazingly, and one has to laugh about this, the 7 Mountainers somehow believe that former president Trump was god's shepherd.



Wallnau said he’s especially bothered by the current state of the media, which he says pretends to be offering people the truth while it is really “lying for a political agenda” and “lying for a purpose.” Wallnau, of course, did not mention the brazen lying that is Trump’s trademark. In fact, when Yates asked him about Christians who are critical of Trump, Wallnau dismissed them as being “funded by Soros.” Said Wallnau, “I find nothing more oxymoronic than evangelicals in opposition to Trump.”

Wallnau was among evangelical leaders who declared before the 2016 election that Trump was anointed by God, and Wallanu has been rewarded with inner-circle access to the Trump administration.


Also explains why Ted Cruz might be such a horrible person. All about the power while ignoring moral and ethical principles. Ugh




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