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Pro-Life =Forced Birth- Repeal of Roe V Wade




forcedbirth.thumb.jpg.d46ce701dae177e99c223a90dfdd3057.jpgI saw after SCOTUS decision re: Roe V Wade, the Greg Abbott crowed about Texas being a pro-life state. Not only does he not speak for EVERY citizen of Texas, he isn't actually pro-life nor is the person who has the real power in this state, Dan Patrick. Remember that Patrick was quite willing to tell people to sacrifice themselves for the economy.  And Greg Abbott has shown he does not care about people's lives, including all the ones that died in the Texas freeze last year. 

Further, I've had quite enough of ANYONE calling themselves pro-life while allowing children to be treated like potential targets in schools. I have guns, but dang, I see nothing wrong with having restrictions on carrying them in public, having to have lessons in safety, making sure people can't just up and buy them without restriction at a gunshow, Schools have become militarized and, rather than putting restrictions on people carrying guns, some Republicans want to *harden* the schools which to me equates to making them more like prisons. I also personally don't like the idea of people carrying guns in holsters and hanging out at, say, public parades. 

And what about the military or capital punishment or even something as mundane as a hospital deciding who to allow to die by cutting off treatment? 

Heck, even god was not against abortion and certainly in the Bible killed his share of pregnant women.. Southern Baptists used to be, and some Jews are as well, believing that life begins with the breath of life. So why should women be seen as some type of incubator, forced to carry, say, a rapist's baby for 9 months, all for some hypocrites who want to push control of other people's lives. (Christian Nationalists such as the ones in cult churches such as Stonewater are the worst because they want to control everything and thus do not even believe in our system of govt) 



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