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Somervell County Commissioner Dwayne Johnson Finds Non-Agenda Related Item Way to Brag on Himself




hows-bragging-camp-zach-galifianakis.gif.a02eaf8812261bf7dcbdb03be3055d2b.gifHad to laugh when I saw this. Just wrote about the 5/9/2022 Somervell County Commissioners Court meeting in which Judge Danny Chambers argued with the presenter regarding somervell county sheriff's department salaries. Dwayne Johnson notably stayed pretty quiet during this and one might think that he also had respect for TOMA (Texas Open Meetings Act) and would have refrained from discussing non-agenda items. But oh, no, there's a run off election coming so Johnson needed to find a way to toot his own horn. He not only made mention of some meeting that he apparently attended the "other night"  (???) but said he had ideas about a whole new way of looking at things. 

Okay. So if he had something he wanted to present himself, it should have been his own agenda item, instead of a vague reference to some meeting that had occurred with some magical new ways of looking at things OR, BETTER, saved up that stuff for the budget hearings. 





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