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"Stud of Somervell County" a feature in upcoming fundraiser for Somervell County




From the Feb 14 2022 Somervell County Commissioners Court meeting. Discussion is about plans for an upcoming street festival and dance. Arrangements are being made with a third party company "Watermark Marketing Boutique" run by Morgan Loper, who apparently lives in Somervell County. Would love to see the contract for this. In the audio, you will hear Danny Chambers asking about where the money comes from and Harris says CVB. Also, the people who do fundraising for non-profits will be voting for someone to be Somervell Stud (I suspect that that person will not be some beefy hunk who looks straight out of Magic Mike casting. "And of course we'll have the Little Miss Somervell County Sweetheart pageant"

Have to say I am amused by this. 




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