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Vista Ridge Ranch on Hwy 67 Somervell sold from Brazos Equity to Vista Ridge Ranch LLC




At the Feb 14, 2022 Somervell County Commissioners Court had item 12: County Judge: Commissioner, Precinct 4: Discuss/Take Action on First Look Vista Ridge Ranch Subdivision. Appears that Brazos Partners LLC sold land to Vista Ridge Ranch, LLC, specifically 282.026 acres of land on the southeast corner of FM 199 and Hwy 67. 

Wade Busch is commissioner of Precinct 4



Although these are unofficial documents, I am a little amused at how sloppy the filing is, hopefully they will correct it before final. Notice that Brazos Partners LLC has a mailing address in Plano, and Vista Ridge Ranch LLC (which, according to document above, is  a Delaware limited liability company) has an address of 665 Simond Rd, Williamstown, MA (Zillow) -Could they have meant (plural) 665 SIMONDS (not SIMOND) Road?  Also, guess what entity has this address as well, The Town of Williamstown, Transfer Station and Recycling Center (here in Somervell County, we call that the town dump).  According to Bizapedia, there are 227 companies that have this address


Now look at the second document, with local notary signature. The Vista Ridge Ranch LLC address has been crossed out and changed from 1209 Orange St, Wilmington DE to 665 Simonds Rd, Williamstown TX. (Not Williamstown MA but TEXAS??!!!) What is that address for 1209 Orange St in Delaware? Well, it's a hidden tax haven, for one



What draws companies to the Corporation Trust Center is not its drab, yellow brick exterior, but rather the Delaware General Corporation Law (DGCL), often referred to as the single most important corporate jurisdiction since the beginning of the 20th century. The DGCL allows businesses based in other states (including, ahem, yours truly) to file their taxes in Delaware, whose unusually low corporate tax rate saves major corporations billions in taxes.

The DGCL is so lucrative for big business that over 300 of the Fortune 500 are incorporated in Delaware. It’s so corporate friendly, in fact, that every year, 15% of all public corporations in the United States use the exact same building as their tax haven. These hundreds of thousands of tax-avoiding businesses include firms under the names of the two 2016 presidential candidates: For all their many differences, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both have companies registered at the same Orange Street address. 


In fact, the below is sloppy. There is no such address in Texas. 


This page has the address for Williamstown, MA 


You can look in public records to see the full description of this property but note that it backs up on one side to Cheyenne Hills. 




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