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2021 without yard birds




I wrote about 2019 (November) as the year I quit keeping birds.

Who knew at the time that 2020 would turn out to be a year of pandemic. For me, it made me want to go nowhere, including the hardware store. In 2021, particularly starting in the spring when the promise of vaccines made it a lot safer to go out, I turned my attention to how I would plan the yard. As noted before, when I had birds for so many years, and they roamed the property, some would fall prey over time to predators, and they loved eating flowers. I would plant some gorgeous flowers in a pot or in the ground and boom, within a short time, all the flowers would be eaten off. Even if they didn't like the taste of the flowers, they still tried to eat them and then spit them out. For the years I had birds, it was a trade between loving having them, and not having flowers. 

No more. I have some more to plant this week, but the ones I have put out make my heart glad. I still feel like I'd like to go overboard and plant all manner of things regardless if they match but simply for the glory of having blooms. 



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