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Crawling out after a year of pandemic hiding




In February of last year, I got a call from my sister that my mom had landed in the hospital. And that the doctor told her that she might die within the next week. My entire family marshalled up flight plans and hotels and headed to where mom was seriously ill. Covid was around then but only just beginning to be spoken of. On flights home, all of us going to our various locations were cautious, one member wore a bandana around his face, and I remember being highly aware of a man coughing his head off during the entire flight about 3 rows ahead of me. When I got home, I looked up that area and saw that there was a case of covid there. One case. Within the next few weeks, things radically changed, my mom had not yet passed but was now in a situation where none of us could visit, and, because of her state, no one was able to tell her why we weren't visiting.  My sister in her final day was able to get permission to go and speak with her and hold her hand, but nonetheless didn't tell her about covid so as not to add to her condition or worries. 

In my immediate family, we hunkered in. It is a lucky thing that remote working from home was available. And really, we didn't want to be around anyone at all, including other members of the family in other locations. In the early days of the pandemic, no one seemed to know for sure what was going on, but the horror stories of people overloading hospitals and quite often dying, were out there in force. Going to the grocery store became a masked exercise that included avoiding being near anyone else in the same aisle, and I found that ordering things online was the defacto say to get items fairly quickly. 

I watched with disgust as a certain segment of the population not only didn't seem to take this seriously but some went out their way to attack people who were only trying to be considerate of others as well as protective of themselves. I believed and still do, that those actions are the height of selfishness. 

Finally we were able to get both of our immunizations and the feeling of joy when that happened was amazing. Although I'm not worried about being outside much anymore, I may still wear a mask on into the winter months, after reading that flu and other cold complications were way down. Only way that happened was through mask wearing and social distancing, and it seems like a great idea to avoid winter sickness. 



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