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About Water Walls in Somervell County and subdivisions

I had a question the other day about when and under what circumstances, someone who wants to subdivide acreage 10 acres of less needs to get approval from the county commissioners court. First, with the help of Michelle Reynolds, was directed to where on the Somervell County website under County Clerk, the Rules and Regulations for Subdivisions are:  Acreage of  10 acres or less require an approval plat with Somervell County, with some exceptions.  A number of plats in the Hidden Valley s

Somervell County Motor Vehicle Racial Profiling Information- Feb 14 2022

Thought this was interesting. Allen West presented this to the Somervell County Commissioners Court at the regular meeting on Feb 14 2022. The report shows the racial makeup of all traffic stops, how many where from, say city streets,, or the highway, etc, was there a search, what type of stop was it, etc. Read for yourself, just going to put one stat here from the top of the report Street address or approximate location of the stop City Street 430 US Highway 570 County Road


salon in Somervell County

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